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Second Annual Soldier Versus Sailor Skirmish 

Serving families of our country's bravest through community, mentorship and hockey

Second Annual Soldier Versus Sailor Skirmish 

Warrior for Life Fund faces off against Glacial Miles at our nation’s capital. 

St. James Performance Academy was buzzing as two teams of veterans and active duty service-members took to the ice. Warrior for Life Fund and Glaciem Miles battled it out on the ice in a game aimed at raising awareness and support for veteran causes. 

The Warrior for Life Fund, founded in 2010, provides support and resources to veterans utilizing an evidence based and informed approach, Warrior for Life Fund creates an enduring environment of fellowship, fitness, and mental/cognitive health improvement that has lasting impact on our members.  

The highly anticipated game was hosted by Vigilant Torch, a veteran organization with the mission to give back to our select Special Operations community by providing mental health support, community building, and financial support. 

While the final score was not the focus of the event, the real victory was the camaraderie and solidarity displayed on and off the ice. Through equal passion for hockey and commitment to supporting their fellow veterans, both organizations succeeded in raising awareness and funds for their respective causes. 

The game’s success serves as a reminder of the importance of coming together as a community to support those who have sacrificed so much in defense of our nation. 

Special thank you to all that made this event happen.  

Glaciem Miles and Mark Bangert 

Vigilant Torch Association 

LTG Nagata (ret) 

JSOC CSM AJ Krogman 

Jon Lauder 

Mark Bangert