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FM 106 “The Fox” talks with WFLF

Serving families of our country's bravest through community, mentorship and hockey

FM 106 “The Fox” talks with WFLF

Warrior for Life Fund members discuss healing through hockey and community outreach

WFLF adaptive athlete coach Dean Newcomb and Media Coordinator Jayme Pastoric visited 106.9 The Fox to chat all things Warrior for Life Fund (WFLF) with Mr. Classic Rock, Mike Arlo.

One of the focal points of the conversation was Warrior for Life Funds’ dedication to supporting veterans through adaptive sports and robust community outreach initiatives. Pastoric and Newcomb shared personal experiences, discussing the profound benefits of activities like hockey, which offer physical engagement and foster camaraderie and mental well-being.

Newcomb and Pastoric recounted their journeys into hockey, highlighting the sport’s transformative power. Both emphasized the Warrior for Life Foundation’s adaptive sports programs, including sled hockey, which has grown significantly.

The WFLF efforts extend beyond the rink, providing a persistent presence to further engage and support veterans, crediting partnerships with organizations like the Bruins Foundation, Navy SEAL Foundation, Operation Hat Trick, and March&MillCo – fueling the program’s growth. 

Expanding support of the ice, the Warrior for Life Fund Human Performance Center offers cognitive skills training, speech-language pathology, mindfulness programs, and veteran coffee socials and acts as a hub for community engagement to members of the Naval Special Warfare community, both active duty and retired. 

As the Warrior for Life Fund continues to expand its reach, it stands as a beacon of hope and healing for military members, offering avenues for physical, social, and mental support through the power of community and sport.

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