309 Aragona Blvd. Suites 107-108. Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Human Performance Center

Serving families of our country's bravest through community, mentorship and hockey

The Warrior for Life Fund is creating a Human Performance Center to offer cognitive skills training, speech-language pathology, mindfulness programs, veteran coffee socials, and will act as a hub for community engagement to members of the Naval Special Warfare community, both active duty and retired.  The Human Performance Center grand opening is scheduled for July 2024.

Special thanks to our partners who made this possible


Human Performance Center Services:

- Expand ongoing pillars
- Provide advocacy and awareness
- Cognitive Skills Training - Sense Arena
- Certified Brain Injury Specialist - Cortex Initiative
- Veteran Coffee Socials - Navy Wounded Warrior
- Mindfulness and Guided Meditation
- Two ADA compliant bathrooms with roll-in showers

Cognitive Communication Specialists

The speech language pathologists at Cortex Initiative specialize in the assessment and intervention of cognitive, speech, and language deficits related to acquired brain injuries and other brain related afflictions. Our clinicians have a variety of experiences in general speech language pathology across the lifespan, and also possess the unique expertise necessary to assist military service members and veterans with a history of mild moderate TBI or other diagnoses.

Sense Arena is a cognitive training platform for athletes to gain a competitive edge. Using VR training enhances an athlete’s reaction time, decision making, and multitasking abilities.

Warrior For Life Fund is partnered with Sense Arena to introduce Cognitive Skills Training in the WFLF Human Performance Center.

WFLF Human Performance Center

309 Aragona Boulevard Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Suites 107 and 108