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A Proud Supporter of the Navy SEAL Foundation

From active service to retirement, the Warrior For Life Fund® will support our warriors by providing programs and infrastructure that help military families from all service branches cope with the unique challenges of combat, extended deployments, disabilities and the long lasting effects of war through the game of hockey while ensuring the bond of their service remains unbroken. The Warrior For Life Fund® will memorialize the history and heritage of military service and honor those who have unselfishly given the ultimate sacrifice.

Capital Campaign: Warrior Ice Center

The Warrior Ice Center

The Warrior For Life Fund® is working with a team of dedicated Virginia Beach hockey supporters to raise 3.5 million dollars to help build the Warrior Ice Center, a new energy efficient arena complex. The Warrior Ice Center will house and expand the Warrior for Life Fund® youth and adult hockey programs, which are in part supported by the Navy SEAL Foundation, while growing and diversifying the game of hockey for military and civilian families in the Virginia Beach area. The Warrior Ice Arena will have two NHL regulation ice surfaces built to Paralympic Standards in order to accommodate the expanding sled hockey program and host adaptive hockey tournaments and serve the local military community and civilians in and around Hampton Roads, Virginia area which is home to the largest concentration of active duty and retired military personnel in the world.

Warrior Ice Center Overview

The Warrior Ice Center is envisioned as a 90,000 square foot facility built to house two NHL regulation size ice sheets, one with a concrete floor that can be covered to be used for non-ice events. One rink would be a showcase arena with approximately 4,000 seats, the other would have seating for 100-200 spectators. A center-hung video scoreboard would be used on the showcase rink and wall-mounted score boards on the second rink. Additionally, the facility and rinks are intended to be built to Paralympic Training Center standards to accommodate the sled hockey community. Other features of the facility would include: 8 locker rooms (with 2 larger ones designated for semi-pro/college teams) and 2 referee dressing rooms, a pro-shop/equipment rental stand, restaurant-style concession area, 3-4 meeting/party rooms, STEM lab for community children, a box office and office space. The facility will also serve as an authorized STEM field trip for Virginia public schools.

Help us reach the goal!

The Warrior For Life Fund® is helping to conduct several fund raising events to help reach our goal.  See our Events section for current and future events. 

Progress to Our Goal

Help Support the contruction of the Warrior Ice Center

As a proud supporter of the Navy SEAL Foundation, WFLF is working with, and through the NSF to raise money for the Warrior Ice Center to continue our mission of support for active duty, retired veterans and their families through the sport of hockey.

Warrior for Life Fund® Programs

The Warrior For Life Fund® offers and supports several programs aimed at active duty, retired military and their families, and the greater community at large


Support for Gold Star Families who’ve lost loved ones in combat


Sled hockey instruction, coaching, equipment, and team for disabled veterans


Mentorship, life guidance and social skill development for children of deployed military members


Memorial hockey games to honor fallen Navy SEALs and their families


Transition support for retiree’s to maintain a connection with their community and forge new connections


Aimed at introducing the game of hockey to active duty and retired military members and the greater community at large


Post deployment decompression, re-engagement and assimilation


Activities to help families cope with and stay active during a parent / spouse deployment

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