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The Healing Power of Hockey

Serving families of our country's bravest through community, mentorship and hockey

The Healing Power of Hockey

A story of resilience and camaraderie on the ice, where hockey becomes a therapeutic force for veterans and families who’ve sacrificed in service to their country.

Beyond the confines of the ice rink, the Warrior For Life movement has evolved into a nationwide effort, fostering both able-bodied and adaptive hockey programs in various U.S. locales. The initiative has gained momentum with support from the Boston Bruins and Operation Hat Trick, bringing together former NHL players and military personnel in a shared pursuit of camaraderie and healing. The transformative power of hockey extends beyond the physicality of the sport, providing a therapeutic outlet for veterans with traumatic brain injuries, cognitive issues, and PTSD. As the Warrior For Life Fund continues to flourish, the upcoming Nate Hardy Memorial Game promises a display of competitive spirit and a meaningful contribution to a cause that has proven to be a lifeline for many veterans.

In the heartwarming narrative of the Nate Hardy Memorial Game, former player and coach Steve Hardy, a Gold Star Father, exemplifies the resilience embedded in the hockey community. Despite mobility and balance challenges, Hardy embraced the ceremonial puck drop, practicing diligently for weeks. The event, dedicated to his son Nate, a U.S. Navy SEAL who lost his life in the line of duty, sheds light on the broader initiative—the Warrior For Life Fund. This organization, spearheaded by veterans like Ryan Croley, a Navy SEAL with 12 tours of duty, utilizes hockey as a powerful tool for recovery and support for those grappling with the enduring impacts of the Global War on Terrorism and the Iraq War.

Article published by The Hockey News credited to Ken Campbell.